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trusted curriculum for all ages


MOve Smart Certified: Movement is an important part of your child's development. We include movement in our lessons and a lot of outside play!

Certified Breastfeeding-Friendly Facility: We have a private lactation room on site for our staff and families to utilize. 

State Accreditation: We are in the process of getting accredited through the state of Missouri. Each classroom, the office, and the kitchen has to build a portfolio and then be evaluated. Many of our fundraisers go towards making the necessary changes and upgrades that will help us achieve accreditation.

We also work monthly with ProjectReach and GO NAPSACC to make our center the best it can be! 

Explore with us!

We focus on the students' needs and interests. Intelligence is influenced by a child's curiosity. Interacting with their social surroundings and environment drives a child's need for learning. At The Exploration Station, we do not use clocks as a scheduling tool. Instead, we utilize children's engagement in each activity to mold our time. Our lessons are hands-on, and all based on the Missouri Early Learning Standards.


As a child learns, their minds strive to understand and grasp each idea introduced. By allowing adequate time for exploration and learning, our student's intelligence can grow creatively and effectively. Our teachers focus on guidance and communication when interacting with children. Generating a portfolio for each student allows reflection and research to guide further discoveries. We look forward to creating a new experience for our students each day.


Accessible Care

As a non-profit early learning center, we offer parenting classes, and necessities for
new and single parents through a program called Moving Mountains. It’s our mission
and responsibility to make affordable, high-quality childcare available to all!

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