All classrooms will follow the Creative Curriculum. Teachers will keep portfolios for all students containing work samples, projects, reflections, pictures, and much more to share with the parents. We will follow the Reggio Emilia Approach in teaching our explorers. We embrace children’s creativity and interests. 




Our Programs

Price includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We offer a 10% discount for multi child families. Our flexible scheduling allows us to accommodate your needs.

NO ENROLLMENT FEES! We charge a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot, but this fee is taken off of your first week of care. 



Full Time Infants & Toddlers: $205 per week 

Full Time Two Year Olds: $190 per week

Full Time Preschool: $180 per week 

*Part time rates and half day rates are available, please contact the director for more information. 

Infant: 6 weeks-12 months

Toddler: 12 months- 24 months

Two’s: 2-3 years

Pre-k: 3-5 years 

Drop-in Care

We are allowing drop-in care for children under the age of 6. You can sign up for specific weeks or even just a day or two here and there. We will need an enrollment form for any new students. Price will be based upon age and will be our part-time rates. To sign-up for drop-in care, please send us an email on the "Contact Us" page! 

Reggio Emilia Approach 

Our philosophy on the education of young children is fostered by the Reggio Emilia Approach. We focus on the students needs and interests. Intelligence is influenced by a child's curiousity. Interacting with their social surroundings and environment drives a child's need for learning. At The Exploration Station, we do not use clocks as a scheduling tool. Instead, we utilize the children's engagement in each activity to mold our time. As a child learns, their minds strive to understand and grasp each idea introduced. By allowing adaquete time for exploration and learning, our student's intelligence can grow creativily and effectively. Teachers in the Reggio Emilia Approach focus on guidance and communication when interacting with children. Their complex role involves more than simply teaching. Generating a portfolio for each student allows reflection and research to guide further discoveries. We look forward to creating a new experience for our students each day they attend The Exploration Station.



The Exploration Station

 3774 Hess Road Byrnes Mill, Mo. 63051


Phone: 636-253-8040

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