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Our Staff

At the Exploration Station, we take pride in the role we play in children's lives. Our teachers thrive on encouraging creativity and fostering new discoveries made by our students. You'll find our staff to be fearless of paint in their hair or dirt on their hands. We find inspiration in walking hand in hand with our students on their learning journey. All of our staff members dedicate themselves to enrich each and every student's exploration experience. 

Owner/Director: Alison Welch

Owner/Food Director/Maintenance: Glen Spencer

Center Support: Melinda Lorentz

Preschool Team: Stephanie Schwartz, Becca Benson, Shelby Lebaube, & Jayne Weber-Nelson 

Infant Team: Kasey Surdyke, Taylor Fortner, & Ashley Craft

Toddler Team: Macie Roorda & Ashley Craft 

Two Year Old Team: Emily Frederick & Casey Cates 

Center Aid: Jen Huddleston 

Center Aid: Kelli Wilfley

Center Aid: Judy Lorentz

The Exploration Station

 3774 Hess Road Byrnes Mill, Mo. 63051


Phone: 636-253-8040

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